ChatGPT Experiment: Using ChatGPT to identify red flags and personality disorders

I previously used ChatGPT to analyse WhatsApp messages from my mother running from January through to March to identify abusive behaviour. I have been using ChatGPT and AI an increasing amount, and it is interesting to see how it deals with different requests. My mother is writing an autobiography, and in the early days of … Read more

Can a child adopted at birth suffer from relinquishment trauma

I spent my entire life thinking, or telling myself, that my adoption didn’t matter to me. My parents told me about it as soon as I was able to understand, and as far as I was concerned, they were my parents. However, I was never particularly close to them, and I wasn’t able to love … Read more

My adoption at birth & the early difficulties I faced

While I would prefer not to dox myself, I am UK based, I think this is pertinent information as so much adoption literature is written in the context of US adoptees. From what I have read, the US has a bit of a troubled past with adoption, with young women forced into adoption and the … Read more

About Adoptee Mental Health

I decided to start this website more for myself and not specifically for other people to read. If you happen to come across this website, this post is to try and give you some idea why I am doing this. Please note that because I am mainly writing this for myself, I am not overly … Read more